Join us this SUNDAY

We teach from the bible.

We believe “expositional teaching” helps us know the gospel better. The goal of expositional teaching is to draw the meaning out of the Biblical text (often verse by verse) and allow the text to shape the message. We do not believe expositional teaching is the only way to teach the Bible, but it serves as our normative method in our Sunday gatherings. 

We are intentional with our liturgy.

The culture that we are soaking in is telling us a story about the world and about us every minute of every day. These stories seek to give us a vision of the “good life”. We recognize that the Story of the gospel is the absolute best story -- and the only “good life” is life under the rule and reign of King Jesus. Our worship gathering follows a historic liturgical structure, contextualizing it for an urban, missional, post-Christian setting. The liturgy of our worship gathering is a subversive counter-measure against the shaping influence of culture. By using liturgy in worship, we are seeking to re-form or re- shape people according to the gospel. Rather than being defined by the world, we want them to take on the values of the kingdom of God. Utilizing liturgy in our worship gatherings also connects us with the people of God throughout history. 


We believe singing scripture is an important act of worship. While we may have different arrangements and melodies from week to week, our commitment to singing from scripture never changes. We love Gospel-Centered, Jesus-Exalting, Doctrinally-Accurate songs that are both ancient and modern. 

we participate in communion.

We believe Communion is a time when believers can proclaim their belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection. In this time we eat bread, signifying Christ’s body broken for us, and drink the cup, signifying the New Covenant in Christ’s blood (1 Cor 11:23-32)..

we respond to the Holy Spirits voice. 

Each week in our gathering we take time to respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit. We make space to request prayer, share a verse of scripture, or a word of encouragement / wisdom. Our desire is to earnestly pusue the presence of the Holy Spirit in our gathered worship. 

we give cheerfully.

We believe the Church is called to share resources to further the proclamation of the gospel in our city and to the ends of the earth. This act of giving is not an obligation, but a joyful response to what God has done for us in Christ Jesus (2 Cor 9:6-15).

We Disciple our Children.

We believe our children should be engaged in knowing the gospel, connecting in gospel relationships, and living out the gospel in the world. We use The Gospel Project, an in-depth but age appropriate chronological curriculum that walks through the entire bible in a three year span. Children are taught using a multi-level approach of story, singing, teaching, and activities.We provide a safe and fun learning environment for children 8 weeks old - 5 years old. Click here for more information about Resonate Kids.

we gather to scatter. 


Sundays are a time to gather together with people that live, work, and play all over the city of Nashville and celebrate the good news about Jesus. It's a time to remember the truths that have changed our lives. We firmly believe that our street address is just a building, but when the people gather it's where you find the church!


We gather each Sunday at 10am at For the City Center, 107 Woodruff St. Madison, TN  37115. We would love for you to join us.