Holy Week 2020

Holy Week has been a bit different this year. Below are some ways that you may connect with others during this time. If you would like more information or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach our via email. 

  • Historically, the church has come together on Maundy Thursday to remember the last evening that Jesus shared with his disciples before going to the cross. Maundy Thursday marks 3 key events that occur during Holy Week: The washing of his disciple’s feet, the institution of the Lord’s Supper, and his new commandment to love one another. During this short online gathering, we will briefly reflect on John 13, and will partake in communion together. 

    For communion elements, feel free to use crackers, bread, juice, or wine. Also, here’s a recipe for making your own communion bread. Preparing this bread as a family could be a fun and meaningful exercise.  

  • Good Friday marks the death of Jesus Christ. It’s called “good” because of what Jesus’ death means for the redemption of the world. Worship on this day is meant to focus on 3 primary areas: To narrate and remember the events of Jesus’ death,  to open up the meaning of these events for our understanding of God and the redemption accomplished by the cross, and to invite worshipers to renewed prayer and dedication. This Friday night, we will do our first ever live steam gathering where together we will walk through a guided contemplation of the last seven phrases that Jesus spoke before being crucified. 

  • Some have referred to Easter Sunday as the most celebratory day of the church year. Why? Because Jesus Christ is alive! Given that we are unable to gather together physically this year, this moment is no less significant and no less celebratory. In fact, the reason that we are bale to endure this hard season is because of what Jesus accomplished on Easter! This Sunday, we will begin live streaming our Sunday morning worship gatherings via Facebook. This will provide opportunities for interaction via comments and for having a sense of being “together” for worship. For those of you who may not be able to attend the gathering “live”, it will be available to watch later via Facebook and Youtube. As a note, participating in the gathering start to finish may be a challenge for parents of little ones, please feel free to pause as needed while watching as a family. Are you a guest who wants to know what a worship gathering at Resonate looks like? This is a perfect Sunday to participate!