Resources for House to house gatherings

During this time of self-distancing and sheltering at home, we are gathering as individual families in our homes each week. Imagine every household in our church family coming together to worship King Jesus in our living rooms together on Sunday mornings! If you are unable to join at 10, use this content anytime (videos teachings are prerecorded!)  Below you will find links to be used during our Sunday Morning home gatherings with your families. 

  • How to use the Liturgy with your Family

    Click here for a quick video explaining how to use the Liturgy for House to House Gatherings

  • Liturgy

    Download the the liturgy for this Sunday's gathering here. 

    (The digital version contains link to songs, lyrics, and video teaching.) 

  • Musical Worship / Teaching Video

    Songs for this week and the teaching video are here.

    Song: 1. Lord From Sorrows Deep Call (Lyrics)

    Teaching: "Palm Sunday- Awaiting the Good King" John 12:9-19

    Song  2. Come and See (Lyrics)

  • Kids Teaching Resources

    Download kids resources for this week:

    - Palm Sunday Lesson

    - Palm Sunday Activity Pages

    - Video

  • Prayer

    Have a need for prayer or to connect with a pastor? Click Here.