REsonate kids: NEXT

Resonate Kids: NEXT Update
Due to Covid-19 safety protocols there will be no kids' classes. Tables will be set up in the back to accommodate kids and their coloring books, quiet activities, etc. Parents, please sit with your kids and bring extra toys/activities if you feel your kids will need them.

You may watch videos by the Resonate Kids team here from the Jesus Story Book Bible! Click Here!

What is NEXT?

Resonate Kids: NEXT is a class for kids who are 6 years old through 4th grade. Children accompany their parents at the beginning of the worship service, and then during the Passing of the Peace (the greeting time) they are dismissed to the training room to learn in a classroom setting.

When the program resumes NEXT, children will learn about the Big Story of the Bible and how it all centers on Jesus. During class, children hear a story from the Bible, discuss how it points to Jesus, and practice re-telling the story to each other in creative ways.

NEXT is led by Amanda Mountsier, who has extensive experience teaching kids about God.

For more information, please email or talk to Amanda: