Serve Teams

At Resonate, there are many ways to serve our city, region and world. We've narrowed opportunities down to corporately (serve the local church), locally (serve the city) and globally (serve here and abroad).

  • Coffee and Communion

    Do you love coffee? Do you love serving people? On the Coffee & Communion team, we need people who would enjoy preparing communion elements for our worship gathering and others who would like to prepare coffee, tea, and snacks for folks as they come in on Sunday Mornings. This is a great, low-barrier way to serve and meet new people! 

    Click here to join the team! 

  • Greeting Team

    Can you carry on a conversation with just about anyone? Do you love meeting new people? We need people on the Greeting Team who are ready to greet and welcome people as they come into the Sunday Gathering. The Greeting Team serves our community by being ready to answer questions, passing out the liturgy, and helping them navigate the church building! Click here to join the team! 

  • Creative Team

    Are you an artist? We are always looking for new, energetic people who have a passion and desire to serve God in creative ways.  We pursue excellence and give our absolute best in serving God and communicating the Gospel in clear and relevant ways. Click here to join the team!

  • Musical Worship / Audio Visual Team

    Do you have a servant heart that is geared toward music and/or technology? We need people who are humble and would like help lead people during muscial worship through various means from vocal and instrumental to the behind the scenes tasks of slides and sound. Click here to join the team!

  • Kids Team

    Resonate Kids spans from babies all the way up to 4th grade! As you can imagine, it takes a lot of people with servant hearts to care for and shepherd our children in the truths of the gospel. Jump in with us and you will see how amazing and exciting serving in Resonate Kids can be!

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  • Liturgical Worship Team

    Our gatherings are intentionally planned to guide us thorugh the story of God. We believe that our liturgy serves us well by moving us thorugh the elements of the gospel (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consumation) Are you interested in leading the church family in corporate readings or serving communion? If so, we could use your skills! Click here to join the team.