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What is soma school?

Soma School is a robust, Gospel-centered, missional immersion which exists to see pastors, planters, and leaders thoroughly gripped by the gospel. Soma School also attempts to cast a vision of re-orientation of church priorities toward saturating cities with the presence and power of Jesus. We believe God is calling and preparing many pastors, church planters, and leaders today to bring about gospel saturation in their communities through word and deed. After 4-5 days immersed in the life of our Resonate Family and working through our ecclesiology, we hope that participants leave more in love with Jesus, more convinced of the power of the Gospel, and better equipped to lead disciple-making gospel communities on mission in everyday life. The Soma School experience is about total immersion in the gospel, including classroom training, life-on-life discipleship, missional service, and Sunday gathering. This training is experienced in the context of living with Resonate families, partnering with existing missional communities, and practicing leadership while serving the Nashville area with a missional heart. 


It is worthwhile to recruit all kinds of internal Soma family leaders to Soma School because this will be a steroid in their own discipleship and ministry. As we prioritize internal Soma participants, we are directly strengthening our Family of Churches towards Gospel Saturation.

When any part of the Global Body of Christ is strengthened we all win. Hosting Soma School greatly serves leaders who are exploring a shift to a more gospel-centered, missional community philosophy of ministry. One leader commented that he benefited more from attending Soma School than from a full semester seminary course on Ecclesiology.

Participants meet like-minded leaders who sometimes remain connected for years to come.

1,100 Leaders have attended Soma School over the last 8+ years. This unique experience has refined the theological vision for many leaders around the world. Many leaders are much more aware of the implications of the Gospel and what it takes to makes disciples in all of life.

Soma School has a way of demystified living and leading communities of disciples into maturity and mission. Most come away with this same realization, “I can do everything they are doing.

Spending extended time working through theological and practical ministry realities can build strong relationships between churches and often has even influenced entire elder boards to begin functioning more in alignment with the Scriptures and the Gospel.

The biggest take-aways are often from spending time with a host family – participants don’t come expecting that – but over and over again, it’s been the most impactful part of Soma School. 

Host churches certainly make sacrifices to host and equip others during Soma School. However, there is immense value in Resonate hosting Soma School and for the families here that will host. It’s a great reminder of why we are doing what we’re doing. It keeps DNA fresh. It invigorates a local church to realize again that we are a small part of something much bigger that God is up to in the world

We aim to multiply and disciple missional communities and churches toward Gospel Saturation. This requires a shared understanding of the Gospel, Identity, and Mission. 

Short Term: We want to help create a culture where it is normative for everyday disciples to start, build, and lead a family of missionary servants who are passionate for Jesus and His mission wherever they go. Equipping leaders is primary. 

Long Term: We want to create a pipeline for future church planters who plant missional community churches in order to see Gospel Saturation. Soma School is the first entry point into the Soma Family pipeline. Hosting Soma School strengthens the Host Church by reminding leaders and members why they do what they do, giving the Resonate Family a chance to see the broader work of God in other places, and the joy of getting to serve other leaders who desire the same advancement of the Gospel. Soma School functions as a “shot in the arm”  for Soma leaders by helping them to get assimilated more quickly with a theological framework and practical picture of what a church of missional communities looks like. Soma School facilitates important connections between Soma Churches in an Area; these leaders will be meaningfully partnering together in the years ahead and will benefit from getting to know one another through the Soma School experience.


  • Sign up to attend Soma School. 

    If you are a church planter, pastor, or missional community leader and are interested in knowing more about Soma School or to apply go here.

  • Help with Soma School. 

    If you are part of the Resonate Family, and you are interested in helping out with Soma School, let us know!

    Some needs are: 

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    - Organizing help, etc.