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Our 3 year fundraising goal is a huge goal! Our immediate need is to raise at least $100,000 of our goal by June 2020! Click the link below to give! Scroll down for Frequently asked questions, and more info! 

To give by check or money order, send to :

Resonate Home

107 Woodruff Street

Madison, TN 37115.


Jesus moved into the neighborhood

  • What is Resonate Home? 

    Resonate Home is the name that we have assigned to a 3-year capital campaign to purchase and renovate a home for our church family. 

  • Why does Resonate need to purchase a building?

    The heartbeat of our congregation is to be a “display people” who are living life in and among the community we have been sent to. In the incarnation, Jesus, the second person of the trinity,  literally “becomes flesh” or, as one pastor says, “ Jesus moves into the neighborhood.” In a culture where transience and short commitments are the norm, we want to model to our city that we are putting a stake in the ground. We want to be owners, not renters. Our desire is to model to our community the same commitment that God himself makes with His people in the Story of God.

  • We does Resonate need to purchase this particular building?

    Back in 2013, we secured a 7-year lease on the property located at 107 Woodruff Street. We continue to believe that this portion of Gallatin Pike is where our church family should gather together for worship and further serve and love the community. When we entered into our lease agreement seven years ago, we included a purchase option in the amount of $425,000. We believe that this purchase option was God’s providence, as real estate in the Nashville area, and particularly our neighborhood of Madison, has skyrocketed over the last five years. Financially speaking, we believe this is a wonderful, God-given opportunity.

  • How much money will it take to make this happen?

    Our goal for Phase 1 is to raise a total of $825,000 over the next three years.

    Step 1 of Phase 1 is to raise $100,000 prior to June 2020. 

  • The purchase price of the building is $425,000. Why is Resonate raising $825,000? 

    Great question! Our Phase 1 goal is to purchase the building at 107 Woodruff Street and do some (much) needed updates and renovations. One large item that must be addressed immediately is a total roof replacement ($60,000). Additionally, there are many cosmetic, logistical, and needed renovations (such as additional restrooms, functional kitchen, and outdoor space) that need to be addressed in our building. Many of the rooms that we use for Resonate Kids are much too large, and some are too small. We believe that laying these rooms out in a more uniform way will give us more usable space for our ever-growing kids’ ministry. Painting, lighting, and floor coverings all need to be updated as this is something that will create a warm, inviting environment that we can welcome others into. We also plan to install a small industrial kitchen so that we have the ability to prepare meals onsite, add two bathrooms, and update our audio and visual equipment in both our meeting and kids’ spaces.

  • You said that this is Phase 1. Why are there additional phases? 

    Once we purchase the property we will gain an additional 3,000 square feet that is currently under lease (month to month) to a retail business. Once we decide to move into the additional 3,000 square feet, some renovations will need to be done there to make the space usable for our church family. The line between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is a bit blurry because, realistically, we may need the additional space before the 3-year goal of Phase 1 is reached. We hope that the response to our fundraising efforts is so great that we are able to move into this additional space much sooner rather than later! We believe that there is much more we could do as a church with this additional space.

  • Who are you calling to give to the Resonate-Home Campaign?

    In short, you. 

    But to clarify further: 

    We are asking all covenant members and those who call Resonate their church family to give (above and beyond their regular tithes and offering) toward the Home Campaign. 

    We ask all of our covenant member and those who call Resonate their church family to invite at least 10 other friends or family members (outside of Resonate) to invest in the Home Campaign through a regular monthly contribution or a one-time gift. 

    We want to make our needs known to other like-minded ministries, networks, and churches. If you are the executive director, leader, or pastor of one of these ministries, we would welcome your partnership through your investment in the Resonate Home Campaign. 

    To give online, go here.  To give by check or money order, send to Resonate Home 107 Woodruff Street Madison, TN 37115.

  • Where can I find out more information about Resonate-Home? 

    We have created this webpage that contains these FAQs, and we plan to make regular updates as the campaign progresses. Be sure to check here often to keep current with how the Lord is blessing our efforts. Over the next several months we will begin capturing video testimonials of some stories from people who call Resonate home. We hope that these will encourage you to press more deeply into gospel community and toward helping us achieve our financial goal for Phase 1. 

    Our big vision for our city is for every man, every woman, and every child to have a daily encounter with Jesus. We want hope to arise from every corner of our city and from every corner of the globe. We believe that Resonate Home is one huge step toward making gospel saturation more of a reality in Nashville. 

    Thank you for prayer and for your consideration!

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Resonate Home

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