Missional communities

Life oN LIFE. Life in Community. Life on Mission.

Missional Communities as the Primary Organizing Structure of the Church.

Missional communities are central to Resonate's vision of gospel saturation. We establish missional communities both locally and globally to fulfill the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ in the everyday rhythms of life. While we believe in the importance of the local church gathering weekly, we believe belonging to a missional community is central to the growth of any Christian.

So What Exactly is a Missional Community?

When defining Missional Communities, it’s best to begin with who we are, not what we do. The rescuing work of the Gospel means that God the Father has adopted us into His family. As a result of this adoption, we now serve our Father, His family, and the world in the same way as Jesus. Through the Holy Spirit we join God as missionaries, renewing all of creation through the good news of Jesus Christ.

A Missional Community is a family of missionary servants sent as disicples who make disicples in all of life. 

Rhythms (How We LIVE.) 

A Missional Community isn’t an additional activity or event added to life. A Missional Community makes disciples of Jesus Christ in the everyday rhythms of life. It’s about doing everyday things with Gospel intentionality. When someone asks “what does a Missional Community do?”, we respond with Bless, Eat, Celebrate, and ReCreate.

  • Eat.

    In the Bible, we see Jesus regularly sharing meals with his disciples and others. Eating is a natural part of life and one of the most social events we attend. Missional Communities take time to eat together and invite others in to share a meal with them.

  • Bless.

    We intentionally bless others through words, gifts, and actions. God promised Abraham that all the nations of the world would be blessed through him. This was fulfilled in Christ and is continued in us, His church.

  • Celebrate.

    We gather together regularly to celebrate God’s extravagant blessings in Jesus. We should throw the best parties in town! Our parties should be legendary and reflect the joy we have in Christ.

  • ReCreate. 

    We take time to rest, play, create, and restore beauty in ways that reflect God and the work of the Gospel to others. When Jesus came, He brought the Kingdom, the beginning of making all things new. We now get to work with Him in this restorative movement.