Covenant membership

Covenant Membership

We desire for Nashville and the Nations to be saturated with the knowledge of the glory of God. We believe that the church is God’s plan “A” for accomplishing that mission. We get the amazing opportunity to live this out as a family of missionary servants in the places that we live, work, play, and learn. 

We formally covenant together for the purpose of accountability in this kingdom work. When we sign our names to a church covenant what we are saying is this: 

We want to live this covenant out together. We are a church that is for one another. We desire to grow in our affection for one another and for our King, Jesus. We want accountability in this gospel work. We do not claim to be the only church or a church that lives all of these things out perfectly. We are a church that ardently believes in the authority of the Scriptures and we sit under these scriptures as God’s infallible, inerrant, and unchanging word. 

Our desire is to be the church in the best way we understand the church to be.

In this spirit, from time to time we may realize that there is a better way to say or do something.

Joining together in covenant membership is no small thing. To this end, we want to make every effort in being as clear as possible. Over the last several months it has become apparent that some things need to be better clarified in our membership covenant.  I will quickly bullet point these things, and then expound a bit on each one. 

  • We believe that elders have a responsibility to the church and covenant members should know what these responsibilities are and hold the elder team accountable to these things.
  • We believe we need to bring some clarity to our 6 core theological distinctives. 
  • We believe we have been too narrow in our understanding of what it means to  “Grow”. 

For a printable / downloadable copy of the membership covenant click here. 

  1. We believe that elders have a specific responsibility to the church and all covenant members should be aware of these responsibilities so they can hold the elder team accountable. 

A huge oversight in drafting the original covenant was that we did not list the responsibilities of the elders to the church family. In order to provide clarity here, we have included some specific responsibilities of elders in the document.

  1. We believe we need some additional clarity around our 6 core theological distinctives. 

We desire for our statement of theological belief to be both biblically robust and extremely practical for daily life. We also hope that these theological distinctives are approachable for every man, woman, and child. Click here for a brief explanation of these distincctives. 

  1. We believe we have been too narrow in our understanding of what it means to “grow” as an individual. 

In the current draft of the membership covenant, we specified that spiritual growth happens in a DNA group. While we absolutely believe that this is true, we realize that the DNA structure is not the only way that we mature as disciples of Jesus. In the updated covenant we broaden out understanding and expectation of what it means to “grow” into spiritual maturity. For some, DNA groups have been and will be extremely profitable. For others, it has been difficult to connect in this structure. 

This message is going out to people who currently find themselves in 1 of 3 places. 

  1. Covenant members

If you are currently a covenant member at Resonate, we are asking you to take time to consider affirming this updated membership covenant. We don’t want to assume that you agree with the updates that have been made and would ask that you prayerfully consider doing so if you wish to remain a covenant member at Resonate. Covenant Membership Affirmation

  1. Those in the covenant member process.

As a covenant member in process, these updates do not necessitate that you begin the process again. If you are currently part of a Missional Community, have attended the 3 week Resonate Basics class, but have yet to sign the membership covenant, you have completed all the requirements. If you read through and agree with the updated membership covenant, we invite you to affirm the membership covenant.  Covenant Membership Affirmation

  1. Those who may be interested in beginning the covenant member process. 

In addition to clarifying the membership covenant, we have streamlined the process toward covenant membership. These steps are indicated on the “Next Steps” card located on the connection desk or on our website

What’s next? 

Over the next several weeks, there will be ample opportunity to ask questions, and get plugged into the process of covenant membership. 

Some significant dates are as follows: 

Connection Lunch: More info and register here.

Missional Community Pilot Group:

If you are not currently part of a missional community or would like to be part of a new MC, go here for more information and to register. 

Resonate Basics Class: (now a 1.5 hour overview of theological distinctives and the importance of covenant membership) We have 2 upcoming dates for this and it is open to anyone / everyone who would like more clarification of our theological distinctives. More info and register here (select the date that works best for you.)

This is admittedly, a lot of information. We want everyone to have the opportunity to ask questions about anything that has been mentioned in this email. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of the elders for clarification. 

We believe that these updates are crucial, and will enable the Resonate family to better love and serve one another and the community around us. 


Shane England

Kyle Mountsier

Brett Mcintosh