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Missional Communities as the Primary Organizing Structure of the Church.

Typically, churches consider their Sunday gathering to be their primary organizing structure. But since the church is a people on mission for the glory of God – and not simply a building or gathering – we find missional communities to be a better organizing structure and central to everything we do.

We've been blessed by God to be a blessing to the world, not simply attend a gathering.

So What Exactly is a Missional Community?

Family + Missionaries + Servants

A missional community is a family of missionary servants sent as disciples to make disciples in a specific area to a specific people group by proclaiming the gospel in word and demonstrating God's love in deed.

To clarify, a Missional Community is not primarily a small group, Bible study, support group, social activist group, or weekly meeting.

Each year our Missional Communities covenant together to reach the people to whom God is sending them and prayerfully consider how to be effective missionaries for the rest of the year.

Our goal is Gospel Saturation. We define Gospel Saturation as one Missional Community for every 1000 people in the Greater Nashville Area. Currently Nashville is home to around 1.8 million people. So, to make our goal a reality, we would need to plant 1800 missional communities.

Current Missional Communities


3136 Weatherstone Cv W, Antioch TN 37013



107 Woodruff Street Madison, TN 37115

  • Led by:  Shane England , Josh Rose
  • Contact:  LG@ResonateMadison.org  //  (832) 330 - 3999



615 Ronnie Rd. Madison, TN 37115

  • Led by:  Sam & Cheryl Dahl, Jeff & Lynne Holder
  • Contact:  Sam@ResonateMadison.org // (615) 438 - 5278



Madison, TN 37115

  • Led by:  Robbie Melton
  • Contact:  RobbiePMelton@gmail.com  // (219) 616-3935

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Missional Community Life

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Missional Communities are open to everyone. We would love to have you check out any of these MCs.

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