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Membership at resonate

The process to become a covenant member at Resonate Church is simple but thorough and involves four steps. These steps are outlined in more detail below.

  1. Attend Resonate Basics
  2. Join a Missional Community
  3. Tell Your Story
  4. Sign the Covenant

Download the membership packet

All of the nitty gritty information about Resonate Church and our membership process can be found in this packet:

Membership Packet

membership process

  • Attend Membership Classes

    This is the first step to becoming a member of Resonate Church. We currently offer #WeAreResonate membership classes at least two times a year in the form of a either a sermon series or separate classes before the Worship Gathering on Sunday mornings. 

    #WeAreResonate classes cover the basics about Resonate Church. We talk about our structure, missional communities, the gospel, why we do things the way we do, etc. There is also ample time for questions.

    Information about upcoming Membership Classes can be found here.

  • Join a Missional Community

    The second step to becoming a member of Resonate Church is to join a Missional Community. We have MC's that meet at various times and locations around our city. Think of MCs a smaller families within the Resonate body who are on mission together to a specific people in a specific place.

    For more information on MCs, click here.

  • Tell Your Story

    The third step to becoming a member of Resonate Church is to tell your story. This involves telling your story in two different venues:  online via a form & to your missional community. When you're ready to share your story (this includes both the story of your life & your faith journey), simply tell your MC leader and arrange a time share your story during an MC meeting. You also need to tell your story via this form:

    Resonate Membership Questionnaire

  • Sign the Covenant

    The final step in the Resonate membership process is to sign the church covenant.

    Resonate Membership Covenant