Sunday Mornings

- The Church Gathered -

Here's what you can expect.

  • Intentional Liturgy - We intentionally structure our service to include responsive readings and an overall movement that reflects the gospel message. 
  • Music - Gospel-Centered, Jesus-Exalting, Doctrinally-Accurate songs that are both ancient and modern.
  • Expository Preaching - We typically study straight through books of the Bible. 
  • Communion - We celebrate the Lord's Supper each week as a reminder of the finished work of Christ on our behalf.

Sunday Mornings at 10AM in madison

107 Woodruff St. Madison, TN  37115

Missional Communities

- The Church Scattered -

What is a Missional Community?

Family + Missionaries + Servants

A missional community is a family of missionary servants sent as disciples to make disciples in a specific area to a specific people group by proclaiming the gospel in word and demonstrating God's love in deed.

To clarify, a Missional Community is not primarily a small group, Bible study, support group, social activist group, or weekly meeting.

To Get Involved click on the map for specific meeting times and contact information.

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Missional Communities all over nashville



  • A D D I C T I O N

    * July Prayer Focus

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  • Baptisms at Resonate on August 21st

    On August 21st, we'll be having baptisms as part of our worship gathering. Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward change that Jesus has made in our lives. If you would like to be baptized . . . 

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  • Prepare for Sunday  //  July 31st

    In all the gospel accounts and the book of Acts, Jesus gives his disciples different versions of the Great Commission. We often think of the most famous version of these commissions, Matthew 28:18-20. But equally important is the commissioning that Jesus gives his disciples in John 20:21

    “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”

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  • Give to Haiti

    There are a couple of very significant ways you can help support our upcoming trip to Haiti in September.

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  • SERMON:  Giving Up What You Can't Keep to Gain What You Can't Lose

    Text:  Mark 8:34-38
    Preacher:  Brett McIntosh
    Date:  07/24/16

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  • Schedule a Time to Meet with Shane

    These days Shane is spending an increasing amount of time in meetings and coaching sessions with the people and leaders of Resonate. He's very available, but you might not know when! To help alleviate this issue, he's created a calendar with a service called calendly that allows anyone to schedule a meeting, coffee, coaching session, or gospel shepherding session with him. If you'd like to meet with Shane, head on over and find your time slot! 

    Shane's Calendly

  • Pati Pou Calas

    Join us on August 5th for a slam-tastic benefit party for Calas, Haiti. We're raising money to help build a wall around the community of Calas, which is absolutely essential for their protection and well-being. Our hope is also to help provide shelter and housing for Pastor Toussaint and his family. Pastor Toussaint leads the church family in Haiti and oversees the care and schooling of around 80 vulnerable children.

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  • His Word, Your Vocation and Why Your Work Matters to God

    Are you one of the nearly 70% of American adults not happy or engaged at work? Discover what scripture reveals about our calling, vocation and work. You will grow in the Scriptures and your own calling as you spend time with world-class instructors examining the Bible and gaining fresh insight into this critical subject.

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  • Resonate Women's Retreat

    Ladies! Join us for a retreat just for women! This is a fun girl's getaway to relax, connect, and reflect on what Jesus teaches us about prayer and suffering.

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